The Best Wines for Christmas Day

If your family is anything like ours, Christmas is a crazy time! In an instant you have a mile-long list of decorations, ingredients for lunch, presents to buy, family to organise, and don’t dare forget to order the Christmas ham and prawns. 

With so much going on let us help carry the load and take care of the wine. 

Make it a Boydell’s Christmas with the perfect wine for every meal. 

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and truer words were never spoken on Christmas morning. It’s essential to fuel up for the big day and for me that starts with a sneaky glass of our 2019 Sparkling Verdelho. A perfect accompaniment to fruit salad, Toast with Jam, or a croissant, this tropical fruit delight is sure to spark you up like a coffee. Bright flavours of passionfruit, guava, peach, and pineapple are lifted up by a delicate, light, and vibrant fizz. The ideal wine to begin festive celebrations and carry them into the day. 

Christmas lunch is the big event in many households and our 2019 Rosé is the wine to kick things off. Perfect with Canapes and sunshine, this dry French style rose is bursting with Strawberry, Raspberry, and Rose florals. Match it up with the Christmas classic, pigs in a blanket, or alternatively smoked salmon. Tell the boys to put the beers down and get a glass of rosé in their hands because as Dan always says “real men drink pink”. 

Now time to “throw another shrimp on the barbie” and bust out the Verdelho. At Boydell’s Verdelho is our thing and we have two which pair perfectly with prawns and seafood. Our 2020 Special release Barrington Verdelho, with its bolder mouthfeel and flavour is the perfect match for prawns and thousand island dressing. On the other hand, the super crisp and citrusy 2019 Hunter Valley Verdelho is a winner with oysters and fish. 

Should Chicken or Turkey be on the lunch menu then we have you covered with the gold medal-winning 2019 Reserve Chardonnay. Boasting flavours of ripe stone fruits and subtle oak spice this well-rounded modern chardonnay is sure to convert even the harshest ABC (anything but Chardonnay) folk. 

With a belly full of delicious food and wine this point of the day generally gets horizontal. It’s nap time. Time to regenerate and digest before the evening onslaught of food and drink. 

Night time is red time and in Summer “LDR” or Light Dry Reds are a must. We produce two different wines which fall into this trendy category. These wines can be enjoyed at room temperature but come into their own in the warmer months for the ability to drink them chilled. Throwing some steaks on the BBQ? then it’s got to be the 2019 Reserve Shiraz Pinot Noir. A classic Hunter blend showcasing bright soft fruits of Raspberry, Mulberry, and plum along with black pepper and clove which pairs wonderfully with grilled meats. 

Now, usually in our house, dinner is leftover lunch and our new release 2020 Pinot Noir is a stellar match with that remainder turkey, ham, or duck. Expect super juicy raspberry, cranberry, and rhubarb flavours driven by refreshing mouth-watering acidity. I’ll be honest, this wine is so delicious on its own, if you are still full from lunch, it’s a perfect liquid dinner. Wine is made from grapes and grapes are food. Right? 

And if you can’t physically be with your loved ones this Christmas not to worry. Why not send them some wine and share a glass or two over video chat. Let’s face it, we have all become experts of late in connecting digitally. We will even take the hassle out of gift wrapping with our new 6 pack gift boxes.

Preparation is key so get in early, it’s a busy time for the postman plus as a gift from us to you, free shipping from the 25th of November till the 13th of December.

– Jane and Daniel Maroulis