The Maroulis Family

We're not sure if it was the river, or the community, or the vines, or that darling old house that won our hearts, but as soon as we saw Boydell's we knew we were home.

We've always loved the land, and we've always loved wine, so we found our perfect match in Boydell's. We had dreamt of running a small-scale vineyard, and when the property became available in 2015 we seized the day. Of course, like any farmer will tell you, it's not all sunshine and roses (or is that rosés?). We work long and hard, juggling the vineyard, breeding cattle and managing our cellar door and restaurant. Oh, and there's also the business of raising our four girls. But what a life for them, all climbing trees, exploring the land and learning how to swirl and sniff their cordial. We wouldn't have it any other way – we're very proud of what we have built and all that we have achieved. And the icing on the cake – our stunning new cellar door has just opened in historic Morpeth, showcasing our award winning wines. Life is good.

Daniel and Jane Maroulis

Boydell's Hunter Valley Vineyard

Boydell's “A truly great wine is made in the vineyard”

We are very hands on when it comes to making wine. Most of our time is spent nurturing the soil and tending the vines to make sure our fruit is the best it can be. Sustainability is so important to us – did you know a properly looked after grapevine can last forever?

We work closely with renowned wine maker Liz Silkman. Liz's skills have earned her the enviable title of Wine Maker of the Year many times over, but more importantly, she is someone who shares our values and our uncompromising standards.

We have made a conscious decision to keep our production small in scale, allowing us to create both a sustainable future for our vineyard and the ability to ensure every bottle, from vine to table, is as consistently honest and deliciously good as the last.

Interesting fact – Boydell's is arguably the site of the very first vineyard in the Hunter Valley. Settled in 1826 by Welshman Charles Boydell, the fertile land was used to grow all sorts of popular commodities but mostly tobacco and wine, all of which were highly sought after for their unrivaled quality. That famously rich soil was replanted with our vines in 1997 and still produces some of the best fruit in the Hunter.